Robbie Powell, "I Am Mariah Yeater's Baby Daddy, not Justin Bieber"

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Author: Ms TweetMySong Category: News Posted: Monday, 28 November 2011 Views: 1372 Comments: 0
Robbie Powell: I Am Mariah Yeater's Baby Daddy!
by Hilton Hater

Robbie Powell is as sick of this Justin Bieber baby drama as we are, and the ex-boyfriend of Mariah Yeater plans on putting an end to it. TMZ source reports that Mariah has admitted to Robbie that Justin is not the father, and that she's only going through with this for the cash. The source also says Robbie is the dad, and he's tired of Mariah using her son for media attention. The website reached out to Mariah's lawyers about the claims, but have not heard back.

Powell - the young man who Yeater allegedly identified as the father of her son in a series of text messages a few weeks ago - reportedly wants to take a DNA test of his own, sources confirm to TMZ. He's sick of Yeater using their son as a money-grabbing prop.

Bieber, of course, has already taken a DNA test of his own... but Yeater's lawyer is insisting on yet another one because he claims the initial procedure was not properly supervised.

Perhaps if Powell - who claims Yeater admitted to him she conjured up the Bieber because she's desperate for money - goes through with his test, this story can finally be refuted and we can all move on. There is a very young boy at the center of it, after all. Let's not forget that.


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