Paid ReTweets Explained

Here is how it works. First add money to your Paid RT account from either PayPal or from your site earnings from your premium memberships or from RT'ing others music. Then create a campaign on the Single, Mixtape or Video of your choice. We only allow people with over 350 followers to RT and only a maximum of 1x per day for a total of 3 RTs for maximum exposure!!

Sign into your Twitter account and click the "Paid Retweets" Link.

Add Funds to your Paid ReTweet account via PayPal or by Transferring funds from your site earnings from Premium Memberships or Performing Paid Retweets on others Music.

Create a RT Campaign for your Singles, Mixtapes or Videos and get ReTweeted by people with over 350 followers!

By several new people Listening and Retweeting your Music or Videos, this could lead to more comments,downloads and possibly more followers.

Paid Retweets is the best twitter Distribution you can get for your Money.

Best of all, you can actually see with your own eyes who is Retweeting your music or videos, Unlike Paid Emails where you cannot track anything.

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