As someone who loves music and who did try in the past to get someplace only to end up right where he started from, I simply have to admire a site such as this one. In essence, it is a service whereby you can upload and tweet your music. Even someone who has never touched a computer in his life knows that the word "tweet" and the expression "reaching out to millions of people" are absolutely interchangeable, and that alone would have made this service stand its ground admirably.
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Tweet My Song is an easy to use Twitter tool for song distribution and promotion on Twitter. Simply upload a song on TweetMySong and tweet the link.
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As everybody knows, Twitter is a messaging platform that lets people connect instantly via short messages that go by the name of "tweets". Since it has an incredible flexible API, a lot of apps see release on a daily basis. This particular one caught my fancy since it is 100 % geared towards musicians.
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In the ever expanding world of social media technology companies are always looking for the next bright idea that might start a revolution. Whilst twitter itself still looks for it's company direction there are lots of experimental developers out there building some great tools for the platform.
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