Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What music formats can be uploaded?
A. Currently we only support MP3 files on the site.
Q. How can I delete my song, I uploaded the wrong one!?
A. Just go to the song's page, if the song is yours you will see a "Delete Song" button. Click it and we will delete the song from our sever and database, keep in mind once you delete it there is no coming back :)
Q. I input my song information incorrectly how can I fix it?
A. Just go to the song's page, if the song is yours you will see an "Edit Song" button. Click it and you will be able to edit the Song Title, Artist and Genre.
Q. What is a Unique Listen?
A. A Unique Listen is only counted when a website visitor listens to your song for the very first time. So even though your mom listens to your song over and over again, it will only be 1 Unique Listen.
Q. I'm having trouble uploading my song! What can I do?
A. We are sorry you are having a problem, if you can not upload your song please email us at:
info [at] with the following information:
  • What browser are you using?
  • What Operating System are you using? Windows XP, Windows 7, Leopard
  • Send us your MP3 so we can try to upload it for you.
From here we will try to replicate your issue (and fix it) or let you know a specific reason why you can't upload your song, could be a corrupt mp3 or some other wierd reason.
Q. What question isn't listed here!
A. Don't worry just Contact Us and we will help you out, maybe even add your question to the FAQ!
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